Red sky in a blue dress - one shot by Octo3112

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Red sky in a blue dress - one shot by Octo3112

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The hall was busy with people as I walked in but I could still spot her out of all the others, she wore her blue dress again. Damn I liked that dress.

"Red" I called her the nickname I gave her and watched as she turned to me and smiled. Her slightly red eyes shimmering in the light of the hall.

"HS, you are late" she said to me but kept the smile on her face.

"Sorry about that love, but do you think we still have some time to dance?" I smiled back to her as I reach with my hend to hers.

"Oh I'm affraid not, I just have so much to do as of late. Not enough time for two dances"

"How about one than?" I asked and took her hand in mine.

"Maybe a short one"


As we danced I felt the hall changing around us, the floor was growing a blue and white pattern and more and more people joined our dance in harmony.

"Do you really feel that way?" she asked me, looking around us.

"Yes love, and you know my power doesn't like" I recalled the first time I used it, projecting my emotions all around me, effecting both physical objects and the mental state of people around me. Right now I was so happy, finally a date night after 5 cold weeks of waiting.

Then the door slammed open.

I could feel his presence, it was like a small sun entered the hall.

"Let's not let him interrupted us, shall we?" I leaned closely and whispered in her ear.

"Of course, our first date after more than a month! I am not going to let him spoil it" we continue to dance on the blue and white floor and dou to my power still working the others kept going as well.

The music stopped, he probably asked someone in charge to turn it off. But it didn't matter, I can still dance with her in silence.

"HeartString!!! Release the girl and surrender!" His shout echoed through the hall in such a way I had to sigh in response.

"He think you are a hostage" I told her. And she just smiled.

"Well maybe I am being held by a vicious super villain who have mind manipulation powers and make me think I love him?" I had a small laughter to that joke.

"Well maybe I am the one who is here against my will after a certain someone complained to me we didn't had a proper date for too long even though I told her we will be interrupted" I joked back.

"Don't tell me it wasn't nice" she put both her hands around my neck.

"Oh it was wonderful" I kissed her.

"HeartString this is your last warning!" A disrespectful shout could have been heard in the background.

"Oh! It's Solaris, sorry I didn't notice you" I lied with a crooked smile, not noticing Solaris was like not noticing a nuke detonating in your living room.

"Release the poor girl from the hold of your power and I will go easy on you!" His white hair blown away in a non existing wind.

"Ehhm, Solaris right? Could you please leave us alone? You are cutting into our first date in over a month" my love told him while wrapping one hand around my back.

"5 weeks actually" I told him.

"release the hold of your power, let the girl live her life HeartString, I beg of you" he sounded so.... So.... Boring.

"Darling I wish to go back to our date, but it seems I have to go to work earlier than I thought" she really made herself sound like she regrets it. I laughed.

"Oh I love you so much" I smiled "Solaris it seems the lady needs to go to work, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind"

"I saw him gathering plasma at his right hand, getting ready to fight are we? But sadly this time I won't be his opponent.

"Red sky" my love said and her eyes were now a deep, deep red. "Don't let the blue dress misslead you, I only wear it because he like it" she nodded her chin in my direction and I nodded in agreement, it was one hell of a dress.

"What do you mean by Red sky?" Solaris seemed somewhat confused. "What did you do to her HeartString?"

"Oh I did nothing, I Think she just introduce her self to you, her name is Red sky after all"

Solaris glared back at me with his bright blue eyes "what?" And then the roof of the building broke into dust.

While the fine dust rained on top of us she walked through it, approaching Solaris slowly.

"He have a new power! Send back up" Solaris shouted and I think he talked into his ear piece, that reminded me of something.

I clutched my fists and took a deep breath. Releasing my full power around me, projecting happiness and love all over.

Even Solaris, the man made out of diamonds stumbled when he was hit by that, the floor changed from a blue and white to a strong black and red, the by standers were suddenly free from my effects so they run away screaming in terror.

Red sky stopped walking and turned around.

"Darling? Is everything ok?" She was worried about me, I truly loved this women.

I took that emotion, boosting it hundreds of hundreds of times then sending it all to Solaris.

The super hero fell to his knees and a single tear dropped from his cheek.

"Roonie" he had his hand up to his ear, "Roonie do you hear me?" Red sky seemed confused. But I assured her with a smile.

"I'm projecting my love to you on him, he is probably going to confess his love soon" she smiled back, but it wasn't the strong conffident smile she always had, it was... Something else, something warmer.

She casually kicked Solaris with her leg, knocking him above the nearest border for sure. I watched as he flew out and above the horizon.

"Nice kick."

"He will be ok"

"Yes he will."

"You... You wanna keep dancing?"

"Yes" I answered.


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