The call - one shot

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The call - one shot

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Andy, my friend who shared my name day was by my side.

Both of us are 18 now.

He gave me a small fist bump before he looked to the horizon and reached with his hand, reaching across lands and seas, oceans and the sky.

I followed his movment, reaching with my own hand, trying to grab my future.

Andy was first, a ring, made of silver, with a sapphire as blue as his eyes in it.

He held it up for the people of the village behind us to see, for all knew what it was, a silver ring with a blue gem, the sign of a mage.

I heard cheers, but I didnt focus on them, my mind was elsewhere, searching for what is mine.

I felt it more than I saw it, but I had the feeling it was red. Red...

Maybe boots colored like the fallen leafs for a runner of the lord.

Or a sword in a red sheath for a fierce warrior.

A red necklace of the noble guardsman elite was possible although unlikely.

But while I could feel it, I was yet to reach it. I had to struggle to go farther.

As I was trying my best I felt the time pass, the sun goes down and the people behind me leaving slowly.

At the end only Andy stayed. Andy the mage.

It was late at night when I was finally done, now the red thing was a red dot at the dark horizon.

It flew straight for me, the same as Andy's ring flew to him.

And as it landed in my open hand I looked in wonder.

It was indeed red.

It was fire, raw and beautiful and full of life.

But it burned my hand, hot, pulsing pain.

I turned to Andy his blue eyes were wide with awe.

For we both knew what the fire was.

The 3 primal elements.

Lighting, pure white, the judgment of all souls. He who carries it is he who decides fate.

Fire, pure red, the cleanser of all souls, he who carries it is he who punish, whose deemed to be worthy of such punishment by the lighting.

Air, pure blue, the guider of all souls, he who carries it is he who guide the dead in their path on the amber road and the yet to be born through the silver gates.

I was fire, the hunter, the one who find the sinner, the one who make them regret their sins so they can be clean as air walks then onwards.

Mages and warriors, kings and farmers, ill and in good health, young and old, all come to fear the fire.

The moment the fire touched my hand I was doomed to life of solitude. Only lighting shall give me orders, only air will take my targets when I finish my task.

I will leave the village, I will leave Andy, I will leave the trees I grew around and the walls I grew in, the rocks I climbed and the river I swam in.

Andy looks at me and offer his clenched hend with a silver ring on it. A fist bump, a farewell.


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